Qualified Professional (QP at Chapel Hill)


104 New Stateside Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Full job description

Provide assessments, Person Centered Planning, authorization for services and immediate interventions.

  • Ensure the provision of services needed by individuals in the most appropriate environment of consumer’s choice.
  • Provide screening, interviews and assessments in a professional and engaging manner, including the required information, organizing it for key personnel to suggest level of care for each client assigned, and clearly presenting the information to the treatment team. Completes the required written documentation at the time of the service.
  • For each client assigned, provide an orientation that outlines a goal statement, explain and schedule services and clarify the following: confidentiality, client rights, consents for services, and financial requirements.
  • Provide Person Centered Planning/treatment planning by preparing the initial diagnosis; describing strengths, preferences and needs; and identifying treatment goals and strategies for each client assigned. Complete and document the treatment/service plan by the time the client enters the service.
  • For each client assigned, update the service plan for Person Centered Plan at established target dates
  • Establish a therapeutic counseling relationship with each client assigned; facilitate individual, group and family counseling.
  • Provide case support by identifying additional services needed for client care, coordinating and collaborating with relevant services, preparing and discussing discharge plan with each client assigned.
  • Identify elements of client crisis, respond to client needs to ensure their safety, integrate crisis experience into the treatment process for each client assigned.
  • Provide client education by conducting alcohol and other drug education classes, conducting HIV/AIDS classes as assigned.
  • For each client assigned, identifies appropriate referral resources, coordinates services with referral resources, and assists client with utilizing referral resources.
  • Document progress notes for clients assigned within one working day of service, comply with information guidelines and signature requirements, maintain chart organization, and file in a timely manner.
  • Comply with the goals and objectives of supervision contract.
  • Pursue staff development opportunities to meet privileging and credentialing requirements, expand skills, and to obtain licensure or certification within 3 years of date of hire or to maintain certification or licensure.
  • Regularly attend division team meetings. For clients assigned, provide appropriate and relevant information regarding client care to the treatment team.
  • Willingly participate in the collection of urines as requested.
  • Use the results of urine test appropriately and as a therapeutic tool to determine the client?s progress in treatment.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to provide clinic coverage as needed.
  • Maintain a schedule approved by supervisor.
  • Is reliable in work attendance and follows Freedom House procedures when requesting planned or unplanned leave

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