Helping people recover their lives and discover their purpose

Join us as we will celebrate 50 years of unwavering dedication to our clients and our community.

Community Celebration Dates:
  • Warren County - 133 S. Main Street, Warrenton, NC 27563
  • Durham County - 529 Holloway Street, Durham, NC 27701
  • Person County - 355 South Madison Blvd, Roxboro, NC 27573
Grand Finale:
  • Orange County - 104 New Stateside Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516
We hope to see you at one or ALL of our celebrations.

For half a century, Freedom House has been a beacon of hope, supporting countless individuals towards a brighter tomorrow. Together, we have triumphed over adversity, fostered resilience and healing and been an active part of our community. As we honor our past and look forward to a bright future, we remain a place that values a HOME for Freedom built on:

Honor - We treat all with dignity who find a HOME at Freedom House
Opportunity - We support access to quality services
Meaningful Relationships - We walk alongside the recovery community
Empowerment - Equipping everyone in the Freedom House family to reach their fullest potential

We invite you to use the QR Code to share your memories and stories with Freedom House Recovery Center, capturing the essence of our journey together.