Facility based crisis services

Through our 16-bed facility-based crisis unit in Chapel Hill, we serve adults who need immediate support for acute substance use and/or mental health emergencies. The crisis unit serves as the first step toward wellness and recovery – and through our partnerships with local hospitals and law enforcement it is an effective alternative to hospital emergency rooms or incarceration. 

During a stay in the crisis unit, individuals stabilize (alleviate acute or crisis symptoms, detox from alcohol or drugs, or level their medication regiment) and then make a plan for their continued recovery.

Crisis Treatment Includes:

  • Crisis Assessment/Evaluation
  • Nursing assessment and psychiatric evaluation by trained medical staff
  • Peer and staff support groups
  • Peer and staff one-to-one counseling
  • Help with long-term outpatient treatment plans
  • Medication monitoring
  • Monitoring of vital signs, blood sugar levels and assessment of needs for further medical treatment
  • Medical evaluation for hospitalization if needed (risk of harm to self or others, active medical issues, unstable detox requiring more active monitoring)

“Our crisis unit is open 24/7/365.”