Substance Abuse Halfway Houses

Freedom House Recovery Center provides separate halfway housing for men and women in Durham and Orange Counties and a house for men in Warren County.  

The halfway house program is designed to provide up to six months of treatment for substance Abuse recovery. Through a safe, structured environment that incorporates a clinical program with comprehensive services for each resident, their behavioral health and primary health care needs are addressed in our outpatient clinic and other integrated programs.

We serve a diverse population in our houses and strive to make treatment available to all people regardless of their ability to pay.

Residents have an opportunity to learn job and life skills as they become stable in recovery and are supported in re-establishing their independence. As part of the treatment, residents living at our halfway houses learn to sustain income to meet basic needs – including housing, food, and healthcare.  Halfway House residents also learn vital skills to help them advocate for themselves and their families.  All activities and support are designed to prepare the resident for independent living upon “graduation” from the program.